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Grainne Renihan in concert

Grainne's career has spanned thirty years as a leading lady in music theatre on London's West End stages.

She has starred in many of the most popular musicals of the past three decades including Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, Chess, Cats, Aspects of Love, Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar and many others.

As a solo artist, Grainne has sung with some of Europe's most renowned orchestras and her cabaret show entitled SISTERS, which she performs with sisters Elizabeth, Kathleen and Maria, has been critically acclaimed throughout the UK.

Grainne has been an active teacher of voice throughout her entire performing career and has a proven track record of successful students throughout the UK. She now brings her experience and expertise as a teacher to New York City!

Significance of Experience

I think it's incredibly important to know every facet of how to do something yourself before trying to teach it to someone else and I have over thirty years of experience singing on stage.

If you're wondering why I've included recordings of myself on here, I can assure you, it is not in any way to promote or exalt any past accomplishments. I would simply ask you this, "Don't you want to know what your teacher sounds like before taking a lesson?" I know I certainly would!  

After all, demonstration is an important part of being a vocal coach and if I can't demonstrate well, I can't serve my students fully and you as the student have every right and need to know what kind of singer I am before entrusting your time and money to me. The last thing I would ever want would be for any student to try and 'sound' like me and yet it's vital a student witness, and hear up close and personal how their teacher breathes and produces sound.


Talent is only one facet of success and it's crucial you find a coach who can guide you through the complexities of making your voice your business.  

I know first-hand what directors are looking for and expect. I know the trials and tribulations of taking and winning auditions. I understand the absolute necessity of choosing material to perform that fits you like a glove, revealing your strengths rather than any weaknesses. I know what Music Supervisors and Music Directors want and demand - I'm married to one! I know the value of fostering a good working relationship with colleagues on stage and off as well as leading a company as a principal artist. I know how to work successfully with conductors and orchestras in concert and arena settings. I know how best to vocally produce using head microphones versus hand held microphones. I know the secrets of singing effectively on stage versus singing in a recording studio.

All these facets of the business and many more take years to discover and can only be mastered through doing them. Please check out my Biography, Theatre and Concert Credit pages as well as my listening library to learn more about the experience I can bring to my students. My experience is my greatest asset and one I proudly would like to share with you.