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Grainne Renihan Singing Studio

Private Coaching Sessions

All private voice lessons are catered to the individual needs of each student, last 55 minutes and cost $50.00 per session.

Some of what we'll work on will include:

Developing a quick and efficient personalized warm-up that builds breath control, pitch accuracy, rhythm, diction, flexibility and strength.

How to vocally manoeuvre effortlessly between belting, mixing and head voice.

Stage presence, posture and relaxation using a fusion of techniques from Yoga to Pilates and how they relate to the art of singing.

Song choice, audition technique, connecting to text and communication with an audience.

How to use concrete strategies to win the war against stage fright, audition and performance anxiety.

Breath and release.

Exploring vocal stylizations …Music Theatre, Pop, Rock and Jazz.

I use a variety of pre-recorded audio in my Private Coaching sessions, but students interested in working on specific repertoire with a professional pianist in preparation for a performance or audition are encouraged to book a Grainne Renihan Singing Studio Audition/Rep Session.

Grainne Renihan Singing Studio

Group Lessons

Group Voice Lessons are fun and perfect for those of you that enjoy learning with your friends and harmonizing and working on songs as a group. Each lesson costs $25.00 per 55-minute session with a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 5.  

All vocal exercises are done as a group and each session will focus around learning, harmonizing and performing a song together as an ensemble.

Grainne Renihan Singing Studio

Private Audition/Rep Sessions

Each month I collaborate with a professional rehearsal pianist to help my students prepare audition and performance repertoire. Each session lasts 55 minutes and costs $80.00. Single or multiple songs can be rehearsed and critiqued. Half-hour private Audition/Rep sessions are available upon request and cost $45.00.

Exploring and rehearsing audition and performance material with a professional pianist whilst receiving my undivided attention is an invaluable part of the Grainne Renihan Singing Studio. These coaching sessions can be conducted on or off microphone and we always ensure your music (and cuts in particular) are properly marked and understandable to other audition and rehearsal pianists.  

Grainne Renihan Singing Studio

Audition Workshops

Audition Workshops will be held quarterly in collaboration with my husband and colleague, Daniel Bowling (please see Associates page.) Workshops are limited to 11 students, last 3 hours and cost $75.00. Students will be guaranteed a 15-minute audition/evaluation time slot to perform their audition song in front of Dan Bowling, myself and the other audition participants with a professional audition pianist accompanying.

Grainne Renihan Singing Studio

Song and Dance Workshops

Singing whilst dancing will be the theme of these quarterly sessions in collaboration with my dear friend and colleague Helen Anker (Please see Associates Page.)  Workshops are limited to 12 students, last 3 hours and cost $75.00. Songs and Dance Routines to be rehearsed will be chosen from Music Theatre's most iconic productions.

Grainne Renihan Singing Studio

Cabaret Showcase

The Cabaret Showcase will be a twice-yearly event for regular students to perform in front of family and friends. It will be a great opportunity for students to try out what they've been learning and rehearsing in front of a live and supportive audience. Tickets will be sold at a nominal fee solely to cover costs.