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Grainne Renihan Singing Studio

Hello and welcome to the official launch of the Grainne Renihan Singing Studio!  

My name is Grainne Renihan and I'm incredibly excited to start coaching New York's best and brightest young artists how to sing easier, perform smarter and win their next audition. I specialise in working with teens and pre-teens because these formative years are when students are most receptive and most capable of learning how to use their body's own unique physiology to sing and perform intuitively, powerfully and naturally.

If you want to gain entry into a performing arts high school or college, learn how to take an effective audition, expand the range of your performing skills and improve your stage craft and confidence without developing bad habits along the way, I know I can help!

On this website you can learn what services I offer students, what professional experience I bring to my voice students, and what priorities and beliefs are most important to me as a performer and teacher. Additionally, you can hear live and studio recordings of my voice in my listening library…not every coach is right for every student, which is why it's so important you get to know me before I get to know you!

I sincerely hope after you've taken a few moments to familiarize yourself with my website and what I can offer, you'll allow me the privilege to help you realize your individual goals and unique potential as a singer-performer. I look forward to working with each and every one of you!

Grainne Renihan

Grainne Renihan in concert